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Augustine Chuks Okoh.

April 10, 2021

When I first received correspondence from the Coin Supports Tech Team I was a little skeptical about the service and information they offered me But I am glad I followed through with the agreement and I was able to recover my stolen coins Bitcoin Recovery A Reliable and efficient Company

Timothy Johnson.

March 25, 2021

The moment I walk into your office my life for change for the best. Just when I thought I had lost all, your company did what you do best and i got all my lost funds back. Thank you

Terry Flex.

March 15, 2021

Coin Supports provided me with excellent service, to receive most of my funds back. I had made a large investment with a bitcoin investment company and over a period of time had tripled this investment. It turned out to all be fictitious and then had the horrible realization that I had probably lost everything to those scammers. I knew I had limited time to maybe recover a little of my original investment. Jason was especially helpful. Through his guidance over a difficult 4 months I was able to recover 95%. It required solid teamwork and persistence. The results show their superb knowledge base and expertise in this very small field. I can highly recommend this company.

Vicky Housley

 February 12, 2021

I got scammed for 120,000 USD in 2016 and 2017 with one of the cryptocurrency business websites. A lot of promises at the beginning and calls to invest money in order to gain huge money in the future. However, after I invested my money in few months they started playing dirty games with me. They started invested my money in some bad deals without my knowledge and I couldn’t withdraw anything. I started losing money. After contacting Coin Supports , the company worked very hard in my case. The results show their superb knowledge base and expertise in this very small field. I can highly recommend this company. At the end, don’t invest your hard-making money or savings with cryptocurrency scam companies.

Jose Luis

January 19, 2021

I must say,this is a great company, so fast and professional in recovering..0.87 BTC recovered…Thank you.

Shirley Elis

 December 25, 2020

You are scammed? You lost money? You are losing hope? You feel stupid and angry at yourself? Don’t worry!!! In this world you can always find a sincere person who will look after you, who will provide you advice and help, who will bring back hope for you. So stop all of this negative feelings and take action. Last February I was like you reading this testimonials and I decided to move forward with to take back my money from a cryptocurrency scam company. So I was contacted by Jason who was professional and efficient person, he checked all details, all emails, all my communication with those scammer. Then, we prepared all necessary documents and we started our counter action. Today and after 2 months of hard working and so many communications I saw the finish line, my bank confirmed that the money will be deposit back on my account in less than 4 business days. Really I appreciated working with and I advise all of you reading those testimonials to move ahead and start the recovery process with them, they know what they are doing and they help you get back your money. A last advice for all of you, be careful from those cryptocurrency scam company, 99% of them they are scammers (if not 100%) and in case if it’s too late for this advice, don’t worry you still have COINSUPPORTS to help you.

Friday Kulik

 November 19, 2020

Like many of you who ended up into the same situation as I recently was, I have been a bitcoin scam victim. Scams in cryptocurrency is unfortunately widespread and as those platforms are illegal, it is near impossible to find out who they really are and where they are located, and as such makes any claim against them unlikely without reliable external help. Unfortunately, most of the online companies that offer this type of service -helping you recover your losses- are also scams and you may even end up losing more money if unaware of it. It almost happened to me! Whom to trust and where to go next? Following a scrupulous research I was lucky enough to find this online company called: I can only say that the support I received from the staff who knows them well and how they function, , especially Charlotte who handled my case, was very professional and overall outstanding. Obviously, it initially took me a bit of time to gain their trust but with such incredible dedication, enthusiasm and aspiration to never give up, she finally managed to recover part of the funds initially stolen from me. That was indeed unexpected. I can only talk about my personal traumatic experience with bitcoin scam that was proficiently handled by the “Coin Supports” team and praise their hard work and dedication. I strongly recommend them as I am convinced, they will do whatever is humanely possible to help you out, should you regrettably end up in a similar situation. They also know powerful and trusted law firms in Israel that they can refer you too if they cannot help you themselves. I have unfortunately been scammed from another company which they advised me required legal assistance – I am in the process of taking them to court thanks to the lawyer they put me in touch with, who too has gone over and beyond to assist my case.

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